Shelled Shinobi released! (1.0)

Shelled Shinobi is finally released!

I wanted to make a relatively short but polished experience, and I learnt a lot in the process. I've loved working on this project, and I hope you'll like it. Would be awesome to see more speedrunning of the full version too!

My plan is to focus next on Unity development for a while, but I'd love to continue to be a part of the awesome PICO-8 community in the future aswell. I've also got tons of ideas for a possible next Shelled Shinobi game, so stay tuned ;)

I recently made a Twitter account that I'll be posting game dev stuff on: @magu_dev

I'm considering writing a full post-mortem later, but for now, here are some highlights:

What's new in 1.0:

- The game is running 60 FPS instead of 30.

- New mechanics and interactions including walljumping, springs, water and breakable objects.

- The playable area is now more than three times the size of the old one: two new rooms in the beginning, and two entirely new areas.

- Awesome music from the composer Gruber (remixed slightly by me).

- Improved graphics in many ways, plus an actual ending screen.

- Improved input registering  and physics, including more accurate collisions, better coyote time etc.

- A more elaborate game camera and smoother parallax scrolling.

- Plenty of particles and other Juice.

- Menu options: Zone select, on-screen timer, swap controls.

- Persistent high score.


The full game is also published on the PICO-8 BBS and SPLORE:

The previous demo version can still be found here:

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