Shelled Shinobi

Slide and bounce around in your shell at high speed,
switching to running mode for precise jumps and quick turns.



Keyboard    /    Gamepad:

Move:    Left, Right arrow keys    /    Left joystick or D-Pad (binary / p8).
Jump*:    Z or C    /    🅾️ (PICO-8) or 🅰️ (Xbox controller).
Shell*:    X or V    /    ❎ (PICO-8 / Xbox controller).
Pause, Options:    P or Enter    /    Start (binary / p8) or Back (web).

*Can be swapped in the pause menu.



Design, programming, art and sfx by magu.

Music remixed from PICO-8 Tunes Vol. 2 (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0),
and Vol. 1, (CC-BY-SA-3.0), by Gruber.



The game may lag in the browser version, depending on the device and browser. For the best performance, download the game from the button below.

The browser version is also playable on mobile devices (quality varies by device and browser).

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Jun 28, 2020
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Ninja, Parkour, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Side Scroller, Speedrun
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Touchscreen


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decided tocome back to this,still the best at this

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I see more runs on here than last time i was checkin' by, so I figure I should say, there's a page for shelled shinobi, for anyone interested. If ur not, that's fine, but some people might enjoy it, and just not know about it.

Sincerely, The Goddess of the Game, Crayonatee.

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focused soley on speed

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this game is honestly really fun

glad to play as raph

or leo

or mikey

or donnie

hey this could be  the 74s we dk

edit:3:05  actually tried it again 


It continually amazes me what people can do in the PICO-8 environment.  The visuals are great and I love the twist on a beloved theme song.  I did have the occasional issue of accidentally swapping the buttons which cost me a couple of cans in one case, but that was simply user error.  Great game!

Thank you!

3:33.05 and 112 can


6:12.6167 and 112 cans


This game seems like a more accessible version of Super Meat Boy (I mean that in a good way!) I learned the controls fairly quickly, and the game is challenging without being frustrating.

Thanks, that’s a great compliment, and nice to hear!


Cool little game ! nice graphics/music. 

It's not easy on the first try, the control are unusual. Good job :)


cool stuff!



This is like the  quintessential pico-8 game haha! Well made, short but a lot of variety and its kinda cute.


Thank you, that means a lot!

Are there a .p8 or .p8.png file?

Yes, it’s on the PICO-8 BBS too :) Here’s the p8.png


thank you for telling me! also an awesome game!


dang been a while

is there a androis/phone apk ?

No apk sorry. As far as I know there is no simple and up-to-date way of building PICO-8 carts to apk at the moment, but I think it might be planned for the future. Hopefully the browser version plays alright for you, but unfortunately it doesn’t really work on all devices and browsers.


Very nice! Seriously though, you may want to check out the Shelled Shinobi speedrunning community :D They have a forum there and a Discord too, where you can post your runs and discuss:


I will get on that. Thanks!


Second playthrough. Hope to get faster


It's a lot of fun and the pixels look really pretty.

Cheers! Glad you had fun :)


A really fun little game! :D

Hey just wanted to let you know that  is using your game. I don't know if they got your permission so I thought you might want to know.

Thanks for the heads up! It seems to be the demo version where I didn’t have any copy protection. I’ve asked some other sites to take down the copies, but I can’t seem to find contact information on that site. Maybe I’d need to ask the company who’s hosting their server


teenage mutant ninja samurai


-me, still running demo a bit, getting a 22.7
-checks to see if anyone else has new records
-sees full release
-"welp guess i get to break go break that now"


Congratulations on the new record anyway, and I hope you like the full version!

Some speedruns of the full game have been posted on the PICO-8 forums:

(3 edits)

yeah my thumb is dead from routing but my best theoretically rn should be a 1:05.5-ish

there's some cuts ppl haven't done yet

*edit: make that more of a 1:04.5, found some new skips. hoping for a sub-minute potential but it'll be a while


The traversal mechanics feel great.  Is there any plans for more stages?

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! I do have plans, but no schedule yet.


The movement of the turtle feels natural
It's a nice game, Good Work!


Thank you! Thanks for the feedback :)


Really enjoyable! very fun and hard controls

Thanks, great to hear!


Really loved this game—pinnacle of Pico 8 platforming. Well done!


Thank you so much!

The only thing I would say is make the Up Arrow a jump button as well. Or Switch the X and Z just my opinion

Thanks for the suggestion.

You can swap the X and Z input in the pause menu (open menu with P or Enter). Also C and V works.

I know those keys are not very intuitive for many players, sorry about that. If you have access to a gamepad, I recommend trying with that.

Ok thanks for telling me I did not notice that. Also if you had the time, I would love if you tried any of my games and let me know your feedback as well! 


Fun idea and nice flow

Thanks, I appreciate it!


I really love the art and mechanics, feels amazing and I want to play it more!

Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)


I'm so glad you did more with this!! It's got a great feel and super satisfying to play.

Hey that's awesome to hear! Thanks for the comment :)


Beautiful mechanics! Really fun game!

Thank you, great to hear!

The game is now released! Hope you enjoy, and feedback is much appreciated!
I didn't want to delete the old comments, so just to avoid confusion, the older comments below refer to the demo version, which can still be found here:

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i usually don't post but like sub :23 les goooooo.

(make more levels so i can waste more of my life awayyyyy)

still not perfect run... should i aim for 22.75?

also, i have and use GMS2, so if you want i could try and work this into GMS for you?

(it is ur game so i don't really wanna steal it tho)

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Haha that's aweseome! Love seeing speedruns of the game.

The previous record that I'm aware of was posted in the Pico-8 forums by Meep, at 23.9, and I thought even that was practically impossible :D

When I get back to making new levels for this, I'm going to continue in Pico-8. I still only use up a fairly small amount of what fits easily into a P8 cartridge. Just might need to generate some levels in code rather than lay everything out in the map editor, or get more efficient with the sprites to free up some memory for the map data.

I think the limitations of P8 are only positive for this game for my purposes. If I'd like to for example use a bigger resolution, I might consider something like LÖVE (also uses lua, and I don't currently own GMS2). I appreciate the porting offer anyway :)


Really fun game! :D
Feels really fun to control, and switching between the two states felt really satisfying. My one complaint is that sometimes the turtle outside of the shell felt a little slippery. 

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Thanks! Probably a good idea to see if I can tweak the unshelled sliding some more for a better feel :)

Edit: Updated 4/11/20 to be a bit less slippery, and a future update will reduce it further.


Made a video


Cool! Thanks for playing and making the video!
It's great to hear your thoughts on the game while your'e playing it. Gives some good ideas on what to improve as well.


Happy our video could help and looking forward to seeing what else you'll do with your fast moving turtle.


Super clever and cute! I really enjoyed the feel of the turtle and the contrast between the two movement types. I think adding the jump buffer as you mentioned (and/or coyote time) might make a couple spots feel a little less frustrating but overall this is great.

(1 edit)

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :)
Currently there's a small 2 frame coyote time in the game (running at 30 FPS). I definitely get what you mean though, and I hope buffering will make the input smoother.

Edit: Update on 4/11/20 added a jump buffer.